September 10, 2006

Right Knee - Week 3

As each week passes Murphy forgets more about his surgery. On Tuesday when he went to the vet to get his stitches out he tried to jump into the truck. Rob and I were able to stop him in time, as we kind of antisipated it. He was also a bit of bear to control in the back of the truck. He kept trying to stand so that he could see out the window. He layed down because it became uncomfortable on his leg.

We were told that he is healing progressing as normal. The Dr. took a look at him because we were concerned about him walking with his leg bowed out. We found out that it is normal, he is basically tip-toeing whenever he puts weight on it.

We scheduled his 8-week appointment for October 20 th. They will take x-rays that day to determine if the bone has healed correctly. If all looks good he will go under the knife the same day for surgery on his left leg.

We asked the nurse when we should introduce Murphy to stairs, since it is unavoidable in our apartment. We were told that we cannot introduce stairs until the final 8-week x-rays show that the bone has healed correctly. Since he'll hopefully be having the second surgery on his first 8-week follow-up, that means that Murphy won't be allowed upstairs until the end of his second surgery, which will be around December 15 th.

This week we'll probably give him more roome to stretch out by using a baby gate. He's never been a jumper, and has been doing alright coping when we aren't near him. We aren't expecting any problems.


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