November 7, 2006

Left Knee - Support Problems (Wk 3)

November 7th, 2006

Yesterday in the vets office Murphy had some problems keeping his grip on the floor. A couple of times when he went to get up, he didn't have a secure footing and it caused him to stumble. We didn't think too much of it because the tile is semi-slippery in the entire building for the paws of a dog. The clinic tries their best to compensate by lining the walk areas with rugs, but some dogs just have a different mindset when it comes to following the rugs.

Rob said that this morning when Murphy went to get up, both of his legs slid out from under him causing him to lose his bearings and drop to the floor. We've figured out that it doesn't have anything to do with the texture of the flooring, it has to do with the weight he is trying to avoid putting on his back legs. We are assuming that he didn't hurt himself because he got right back up with no problem. Rob said that Murphy just looked at him as if to say "Oops!"

Late this afternoon when Murphy sat up to switch positions on his bed one of his legs cracked. It was the loudest one that I've heard yet and made me quiver. Again, it didn't seem to faze him he just went about his business and rolled over.

We can't do too much about his clumsiness. All we can do it continue with his therapy, and keep a watchful eye. With any luck his balance will continue to come back. In the meantime, we just hope he doesn't hurt himself.


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