November 14, 2006

Left Knee - Week 3

November 14, 2006

We are fast approaching the 4 week mark, and Murphy is doing well. He still isn't distributing his weight equally on all four legs, but that is to still be expected. He is up to 20 minutes on his therapy walks, and he is much more tolerable of his toe and Achilles stretches.

Rob and I are eager for him to rejoin us upstairs. We can't help but notice some of the adjustments that Murphy has made to his life in the laundry room. He doesn't eat out of his dog bowls anymore; he eats out of his kennel bowl. He can't come find one of us whenever he needs to go outside, now he sits up on his bed and stares at you casually glancing at his leash hanging from the coat rack. He doesn't have a toy basket that he can get a toy from, so again, he stares at us to get him one of his toys on the top of his kennel. He and Rob haven't played fetch in months, and my squeaker time with his toys nightly has taken its place. He still does some of the same old things, like steal Robs spot in bed during the one weekend night that he spends whith him in the laundry room. Last weekend not only did Murphy claim the bed, he claimed the pillow as well. He just looks at you with those "Remember when..." eyes. Pathetic!


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