January 4, 2007

January 4th - Murphy's Birthday

Today Murphy turned 3 years old; it also marks week 11 of his recovery from his TPLO on his left leg. He is doing wonderful, and we couldn't be more pleased with his overall recovery.

December 16th was a big day for all of us, it was Murphy's first trip up any stairs in 4 months, and it was the first night that he was able to sleep in our bed. He went to sleep almost immediately and snored contently.

We had visitors over the holidays which included his favorite pal Sadie, a Golden Retriever. He was so excited to have company. The two dogs played and played. His favorite game with Sadie is still tug, and after we moved all our non-skid rugs onto every opening in the dining room, they were able to have a blast without being yelled at.Murphy even figured out how to get up onto the couches without using his new steps. He is able to just step up onto them, no jumping, and no frantic clawing with his back legs, just one big step. I know that it sounds so simple, but before the surgery that task was anything but graceful. We aren't sure if it is a benefit from the surgery and that he is more limber, or if he's just figured out how to do it correctly. Either way, he's looking pretty graceful.

We still haven't let him do any running, but maybe in a few weeks. He's starting to get some of his muscle back in hind legs from all his walks and stair usage. Rob is excited because with all the walks from the past 4 months, he has finally gotten Murphy to heel both on and off a leash. Murphy has officially graduated to Sainthood.


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