December 2, 2006

Left Knee - Week 6

Murphy has been very comical this week. He has figured out the differences in his walking routines, and that Rob and I each do different things. No matter which way we go, has figured out the approximate time that we will start his exercises. There are treats involved, so he has become very attentive mid-way through.

He has even begun to half sit during his "Sit-Come" exercises. He does this quick little drop of his butt and then comes right back up w/o being told. He thinks that this will get him his treat faster. We have had to periodically change things up and make him do a full sit just to throw him off a little.

He has also figured out exactly when dinner is, and when we are downstairs, he has begun a barking routine as if to remind us. He is getting antsier by the day. He periodically will come and nudge us and then walk to the baby gate, as if to say, "Let’s go upstairs." Rob has been taking him out the front door, and he hasn't made a break for the stairs yet when the gate is down.

His knees are looking pretty good. He still gets sloppy with that right knee and bows it out. I've noticed that sometimes he'll bow it in too. He doesn’t appear to do it on his walks, only when he is standing in front of us wanting to play. We kind of think it is a lazy tendency, hopefully it will go away, or he will grow out of it.

He has resumed one of his favorite things, "Scratch the butt." He learned this from his cousin Sadie, who forces herself between your legs and stops half way so that you will scratch her butt. The funny thing about Sadie is she does this funny little dance where she picks up her legs and kind of dances around as you scratch her. Some where along the line, Murphy has picked up Sadie’s "Scratch the butt" dance. We don't mind doing it, because with all the dancing around he is shifting his weight, so its become another exercise for us.

The other day Rob brought him out front when I was out getting the mail. Murphy got all excited and tried to run and come see me. He quickly knew that he shouldn't because before we yell at him to stop, his run turned into a fast walk.

He sits at the baby gate at least once or twice a day. It is almost like he knows he only has just a little over a week left before the Dr. will lift the not activity rule, and then he'll be allowed to brave the walk up the stairs.

I'm including some pics for a couple of weeks ago of him doing his "Walk-Over's". He has been doing good on these, and not doing any hopping with his back legs. Maybe all the "Scratch the butts" has made this exercise a breeze for him. LOL!

I also want to let everyone know that there is a wonderful Ortho Group on Yahoo called "Orthodogs". Pretty much everyone on it has an animal with knee, elbow, or hip problems. It is very informative with people who have opted for surgery and many who have not. I wish I would have found them back in week 1 because they can answer a lot of questions.